5 Ways Real Estate Agents can Empower Clarity

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As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of effective communication when guiding your clients through the home buying or selling process. In today’s fast-paced world, traditional documents and written materials may not always capture attention or convey information effectively. That’s where document voiceovers come in. 

You can transform your documents like onboarding and training materials, or listing or home buyer packets into engaging experiences that empower clarity. Let’s explore how real estate agents can utilize document voiceovers to streamline their processes, personalize client interactions, and stand out in a competitive market.

Create onboarding and training materials your agents can view on-demand

The onboarding process is very time-consuming and repetitive. You spend time going over the same documents, procedures, and best practices with each new agent. Plus, it takes time out of your day to sit down with the new hire and explain the materials. Onboarding is a great opportunity to create an asynchronous experience.

With AirDeck, you can add audio and video narrations, surveys, and screen recordings to your onboarding content to provide an engaging, async experience. Plus, you can personalize and scale this content in minutes. For example, create one, high-quality presentation. Then, use AirDeck’s slide-by-slide editing option, to easily keep your standard content in place but swap out a few select slides to make the presentation a custom fit for each agent. You can also record new audio narration where needed (like the intro and conclusion).

Give your agents instant access in one simple link and allow them to watch on their own time, whenever and wherever they want. Now, your onboarding process is asynchronous and repeatable. This frees you up to do other important tasks.

Personalize your listing or home buyers packet

Do you provide your clients a big packet of information detailing everything they need to know before they list or buy a home? The home buying and selling process is already an overwhelming experience. Make it easier for your clients.

A great way to communicate the step-by-step process and set expectations is with AirDeck. Transform your listing or buyers packet into an engaging experience that leaves nothing up to interpretation. Upload the entire packet to AirDeck, then add screenshots, screen recordings, audio, or video to explain and give context (see example above). Share your presentation asynchronously and check your slide-by-slide analytics to see how your message resonated. Follow-up with clients who didn’t view your deck based on your real-time analytics.

These decks are great pieces of content to reference at later dates or link to in client emails if a related question pops up. The decks are also easy to customize and update when a law changes or you adjust any step of your process.

Empower clarity in your Market Research Reports

Does your agency send a market research report to your client list? Your clients appreciate proactive communication that keeps them informed of local real estate trends, property values, and inventory. However, sometimes these reports are lengthy, overwhelming, or confusing.

A great way to alleviate this challenge is to add clarity to your report with audio or video. Then, access slide-by-slide analytics to see how your clients interact with your report, e.g., when they opened your content, where they clicked, how many times they viewed it, etc.

This empowers you to understand your clients like never before and which part of your report resonates the most. When you learn your audience’s unique preferences, you can tweak your report to improve it over time.

Add context to your Comparative Market Analysis

Help your clients understand the value of their property, or the best price to offer, with a voiceover on your CMA. Talk through the document to compare similar properties in the area then send it with a secure link. Allow your clients to view it on their time. This makes your clients feel supported but not suffocated—which will definitely make you an agent they will want to recommend.

Create marketing materials that break through the noise

Marketing is incredibly important to sell and promote your properties and attract the best buyer. Everyone expects brochures, flyers, virtual tours, photographs, videos, newsletters, or online listings. Make your agency or brokerage stand out with a different approach to marketing.

Upload any type of document (AirDeck supports over 120 file formats) and add an audio or video to personalize it. Introduce yourself, add context and clarity to each document, then embed it on any landing page, email, or social post. Now, your marketing breaks through the noise and looks different.

Empower document clarity

Client communication, outreach, and marketing looks different with AirDeck – the only tool that empowers document clarity with audio and video voiceovers. Get started today.

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