Decoding Analytics: How to Make Sense of Your Customer Data

Understanding Customer Data

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There’s a lot of talk going on about customer data and analytics and what it can all do for your business. But are you secretly feeling a little lost? 

If you are, you’re not the only one. Learning how to decode analytics and make real sense of your customer data can be a bear for a lot of businesses.

Why Pay Attention to Customer Analytics

Tracking and data analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing customer data in an effort to gain new insights into your customers’ behavior. 

So it’s more than just simply collecting information—you need to figure out how to interpret it in a way that’s truly actionable for your business. Done right, you can use customer data to make powerful decisions about marketing, product development, sales, and more. 

Customer analytics is especially important for Customer Success Managers (CSMs), as it can help them more profoundly understand their customers’ unique interests, needs, and goals. 

And it’s not just another passing fad—it’s clear that understanding customer analytics has serious repercussions on business health and growth A report from McKinsey & Company shows that businesses that successfully leverage customer analytics report 93% higher profits than businesses that don’t.

How AirDeck Helps You Make Sense of It All

Of course, successfully collecting and analyzing customer data is easier said than done. And with so many customers in your database and so much data to track, collect, and analyze, it can be hard to know where to start and how to make sense of it all. 

This is why AirDeck is becoming the analytic sidekick to help businesses decode the mysteries of their customer data so they can learn how to leverage it to create concrete, productive steps. 

Let’s take a look at what AirDeck can track for you.


The first step in breaking down your customer data is figuring out who exactly are your customers.

When you take advantage of AirDeck’s tracking and data analytics, you’ll be able to directly identify every person who views your document or presentation. And you don’t just see who they are—you get to see precisely how they’re interacting with your document. 

For example, AirDeck reveals to you where your viewers are in the world when they view your document or presentation; where they focus their attention (e.g., which pages or slides they view the most); who they share your document with, and when; and how they’re using your document within their own organization. 


Obviously, customer data is all about … the customer. But beyond the “who” variable, there is another very important component to understanding customer analytics: the “what.”

This is what makes AirDeck so powerful.

When you create and send content through AirDeck’s document narration platform, you can zoom in to get a precise look at each individual view of each individual document. Additionally, you can then zoom out and examine the document’s overall levels of engagement and activity over time.

By allowing you to tune into your customer data with such precision, AirDeck gives you the power to really digest traffic analytics from a holistic point of view. For example, you can see:

  • Detailed activity on each slide of your presentation
  • Referral traffic
  • Sources of customer traffic

By providing information on both the “who” and the “what” of your customer data, AirDeck helps you unlock an entirely new level of insight into your customer base.

Why It Makes the Difference

So why does it all matter? What is the point of collecting all this information? 

Analytics are the magic key to revealing your customers’ true needs and wants. 

When you figure out how to understand and make sense of your analytics, you can figure out how to understand your customer and discover what is uniquely interesting and important to them. 

The next step is then to leverage this data so you can better communicate with your customers and help fulfill their needs.

AirDeck does both. 

The document narration platform doesn’t just give you access to tracking and data analytics—it also helps you figure out how to truly digest this data so you can use it to take action and work towards your goals. 

It all takes place in your personal AirDeck dashboard. Here, you can access every point of customer data you’ve collected from AirDeck—every view, every contact, every survey result. You can also compare performance across your different documents to see what your customers respond to best.

Once you have all this newfound insight into your customers’ activity, you can figure out where you need to make changes and what you need to do moving forward to get the results you want.

Tracking and analytics has been a boon for businesses in recent years—at least for those who know how to use it. 

With AirDeck, you get the help you need to demystify your customer data and learn how to make it work for you.

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